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IMproving PROcess VALue

Although our Client's products may differ and methods to deliver them may vary, no matter what sector, business function or discipline we have achieved great results.

"Improval are a very diligent and thorough company, who have very strong skills in business improvement, process management and business process development and mapping.  I have worked alongside them to deliver a number of large business change projects, and would strongly recommend their skills."
Heather Dewing, Managing Consultant at Hawksley Consulting

"Four years ago we landed an enormous contract, something far larger than we had dealt with before. The contract came with a service level agreement and this was something new to us. We knew we needed to have robust procedures in place to meet the SLA but had no idea how to achieve this standard. After an initial chat with Improval I was convinced that they could help us put something together to ensure we serviced our new contract properly. Over the course of five sessions we worked together in looking at how we provided our services at that time and what we would need to do to get up to speed. What happened next was incredible. As we looked at the processes that support our line of business we realised just how much waste and needless repetition there was. Improval guided us through identifying all the issues and seeking to resolve them in a way which included everyone who was involved in those processes.

We now have a clear understanding of how we work, how to measure the effectiveness of what we do and how to seek to improve issues and resolve problems. Improval gave us the tools to be able to deal with all of this ourselves which allows us to seek to constantly improve all that we do. We have retained Improval for other projects and have saved vast sums on stationery by having better stock control and ordering procedures. We have completely reinvented our billing and credit control systems so that we send our invoices out quicker and get paid on time.

In a world that demands that you do more but with less, you have to ensure that you run as efficiently as possible. Improval helped us to make changes and to keep looking for ways to continually improve."
Scott Baldwin, Senior Clerk at St. Mary's Family Law Chambers

"Thanks again for the workshop days, I felt we benefited hugely from it and it is giving me a very different perspective on the next six months. I really appreciated the time you both gave us and I am sure Imara as a whole will develop as a result."

Cath Wakeman, Executive Director at Imara

"Having employed the services of Improval Partners, for ISO registration and process improvement, I can't praise the work undertaken highly enough. Their depth of knowledge and attention to detail provide a service level that is rarely seen in others. With the ability to relate information, to all levels of staff, in an informative and interesting manner, that can be related to the actual work environment.

I would definitely recommend employing IMPROVAL Partners, for any business improvement consultancy requirements."

Adrian Smith, Compliance Manager at Environmental Waste Controls Ltd

"Improval Partners has the niche ability to help clients deliver value consistently. Their talents lie in supporting the client to streamline their priorities and by developing for them relevant business processes. Their focus is to help clients cut waste and improve delivery of quality and performance.

Demonstrating attributes of integrity, professionalism and consistency Improval would add true value to a client’s improvement agenda."

Andrew Gardiner, Independent Management Consulting Professional

Every business runs on processes,
every process can be improved.